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  • "I traded my Honda Goldwing in on a K1600 Grand American last month. I am a fanatic on the condition I keep all my autos and motorcycle. My Goldwing was spotless, looked showroom new. When I looked at the black K1600 in the showroom, it was placed between two bikes so I could not walk to the right side of the bike. Don’t know if this was done on purpose or just worked out that way. About 2 weeks ago I was doing a very detailed cleaning and wax on the BMW and found the right side fairing has a huge deep scratch, (more like a gouge) going 12 to 15 inches from front to the top of BMW emblem. The closer I looked the worse it became. Someone used touch up and clumped it up so bad it was sticking up 3mm above the paint. It looked as though they were trying to putty up a crack in the fairing. They did this at the shop or the previous owner did it, don’t know. I have always lived by a code of be honest and treat other people like you would want them to treat you. Had this damage to the fairing been pointed out to me prior to the transaction, I would have negotiated for a lower price to cover the replacement or repair of the fairing. Maybe I would have kept shopping. To be fair it is my fault for not touching every square inch of the bike and not going over it with a fine closer look.( hard to do when they have signs that say do not touch)
    I hope someone that cares about doing the right thing ( no one really does anymore in this world) will contact me to see if we can make this right.
    I believe someone should have shown me this damage prior to the sale. When other dealers listed this type of bike they always mentioned in description of bike condition, like minor scratches no dents. I am going tomorrow to see if the fairing can be repainted or I will be forced to purchase a new replacement for $600.00.
    Now as I post this let’s see what kind of people own this dealer. I hope they take responsibility and do the right thing, more and more businesses just don’t care.
    Thanks for listening."

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    Lynn Soward - Austin, TX
  • "I spent $1200 on service at this dealership and the owner was a rude piece of shit!!! I will make it a point of letting people know how awful an experience I had. BTW, not 50 miles passed on my ride that I started to see things that had been missed on the service."

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    greg sloan - Miami, FL
  • "Giving Hal Hebert a shout out.. You had two identical K1600's I was so torned on which bike to pick. You were so patient with me answering my question showing me the features of my future bike. The purchasing experience was nothing like I've ever encountered, especially not at all like the experience I encounter at the Bmw dealer in Austin. I've had my bike 3 months today and i've racked up 3,022 miles that includes a trip to El Paso and Houston in that order. The K1600 is a dream bike.. Hal you're the best."

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    Anonymous - Austin, TX
  • "I just received delivery of my 2021 R Nine T Pure - at 5:30 am this morning! Unbelievable good sales and delivery service by Hal Hebert from one of the few, remaining dedicated BMW dealers. I couldn't be more satisfied and happy with my purchase from Alamo BMW.

    Randy Bolton"

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    Randy Bolton - TX
  • "I had a great experience with Alamo BMW last week! I scheduled the brakes recall on my 2019 R1250GS and brought my bike in, expecting to wait at the dealership most of the day for the work to be completed because when I made the appt, Kermit told me he was really slammed with recall work. To my pleasant surprise, Kermit pulled a tech off another job and got me out of there in about two hours total. The job was done quickly and effectively and I was able to leave there around noon to enjoy my packed lunch and crossword puzzles back in the comfort of my home. Thanks, Kermit!!"

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    Thomas Wilmotte - Universal City
  • "The folks at Alamo really know how to take care of a customer! They will bend over backwards to ensure that your needs are met. They have always shown me the utmost courtesy, respect and professionalism. I've just purchased my 2nd bike from them. Go by and see them. You will be glad you did!"

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    James Cowen - Kerrville, TX
  • "After dealing with woods here in Austin and their special brand of customer service this place was very refreshing. Took a bike to Alamo for warranty work on 12/6/17 and found them to be friendly professional and knowledgeable. Kermit the service manager/co owner got me in and out in no time. Also had a pleasant conversation with several other employees during my short wait. This place will be my definite go to place for purchases and service in the future. Well worth the drive from Austin!"

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    Jon . - Dripping Springs, TX
  • "I've had nothing but positive experiences with Alamo BMW. They are my go-to dealership. Maintenance is the best in south Texas. The entire staff are outstanding! Sid and Pete are the best!"

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    Anonymous - San Antonio, TX
  • "We made the 24 hour round trip from Monroe (LA) to San Antonio to buy the lowered R1200GS. Sales manager, Jim, was as straight forward and easy to work with as I could have hoped for -- on the phone answering my questions and working with me the day before we arrived and throughout the purchase. Great tour of the bike before our departure. Rebecca came in on her day off to make sure the paperwork was done and ready for us to sign so we could minimize time spent on the boring stuff. I couldn't have hoped for a better experience and better people on my purchase. I only wish I was about 8 hours closer so I could service the bike with Alamo. Btw, Jim, you were right about the GS: 150 yards into the first ride, I couldn't remember my previous bike. The GS feels extraordinary! Thanks for everything."

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    Robert Eisenstadt - Monroe, LA
  • "Tanaya is AWESOME! She worked very hard to get me a good interest rate and low payment for my bike. She was also very willing to answer any and all of my questions. Thanks again Tanaya"

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    John - San Antonio, TX
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed being at the dealership and had a great experience with the sales team that handled my purchase of the 2012 Triumph Bonneville SE. If anyone ever asks me, I would highly recommend a visit to Alamo Triumph for a new motorcycle."

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    Larry Fisher - Corpus Christi, TX
  • "One of the great things about this dealership is that it's NOT your typical shark tank where you're just another nameless face or random patron. This place was a cut above the rest--more intimate in setting, where the employees and clientele were familiar with one another. I even saw the owner of the business help bump start a patron's car that broke down. Now THAT'S service! My experience was one where I knew what I wanted. I called first, talked to Jim who was honest from the get-go, he promised nothing but a good experience...and he delivered. My first time there, he was juggling several clients to make sure everyone was happy and tended to. He answered my questions, and he and I conceived a plan for purchase. Second visit was the test ride. This is the FIRST dealership ever to allow for a test ride on a motorcycle, a thing that I very much appreciate. I've made purchases in the past on bikes I THOUGHT I would like...and had to take a gamble. This time, I got to confirm that I liked it. Once the decision was made, the bike was held for me while I tended to some of personal prerequisites. During the interim Tanaya was equally as cordial, and knowledgeable in her position. She had to create several iterations of the PO, and did so without complaint. On the day of purchase, I ended up just paying cash which was NOT the original plan, but it all worked out. The purchase only took a matter of minutes, literally. The rest of the time was spent chit-chatting and getting to know one another. I got a walk through of the bike I purchased, discussed idiosyncrasies of the Triumph line as well as my bike in general. Found out about a nice perk the dealership does--installing a convenient battery tender cable so that I could charge her up without removing parts. In the end, when I rode off on my new Speed Triple R...I left with no questions unanswered, confident in my purchase, and happy knowing that I found a dealership that was professional, knowledgeable, service minded, AND at the same time down-to-earth. I'm probably going to have to continue buying Triumph or BMW now just so I can keep my business with them. ; )"

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    Van Midthun - San Antonio, TX
  • "I just wanted to thank Bill in the service department for all of his help with my flat tire. It was close to closing time on Friday and he took the time to find me a place to get my tire changed. Thank you so much!"

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    Kimber Giles - Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
  • "I've been a customer of Kermit's since I moved to San Antonio in 2002. I purchased both a 2005 BMW LT and a 2009 Triumph Bonneville from Alamo. Both experiences were great. I've also had some warranty work done by the shop and was quite pleased with the work even though I had to take the LT back three times to get the leaking rear drive fixed. My only gripe is with the Parts department. Sid never seems to be in control and I've had problems getting parts ordered, getting orders lost, wrong parts, etc. And I'm not the only one. The BMW group around San Antonio and Boerne go to Austin for their work and parts. So bring the parts dept up to par with the rest and it's a winner!"

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    Russ Locke - Lakehills, TX
  • "Staff was very friendly and knowledgable. Jeff was the person who helped me, he was very friendly, and easy to talk to. Also seemed as if he would go the extra mile to make a customer happy. I would like to express my many thanks, and gratitude to all of the staff. I have found my home for parts and service at Alamo BMW!"

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    Matt Kendig - San Antonio, TX
  • "I live in Austin - thank God I went to Six Flags and found you guys. Too cool! And a Triumph or Beemer will fit nicely in the garage. Thanks again"

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    Lonnie Duffey - Austin, XX
  • "I have a 1990 BMW R100RT motorcycle that my wife says I can replace as soon as it wears out but after over 90,000 miles and due to the high quality servicing it gets at Alamo BMW, I don't think it's going to be anytime soon because it still runs like new. Recently, my wife's pride and joy, a 1997 BMW Z-3, broke down, and without giving it a second thought we had it transported to Alamo BMW for repairs. We weren't disappointed. They repaired it like as if it was their own."

    Overall Rating:
    Carlos Tunches - San Antonio, TX
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